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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Would You Like Cheese With That Whine?

Or perhaps some grapes?  Good grief.  We have taken a trip to whine country.  Josh has turned two, and some strange flip switched in his head & this is what we hear most of the time from what once was a sweet and happy child. ALL. THE. TIME.  It's like, "Who are you, and what have you done with my little Joshy Pooh?"  Yes, I know, his nickname is cheesy, but if you had seen him in his first months of life, you would know why it stuck.  He was so adorable, sweet and innocent, and had a Winnie The Pooh style honey pot (a.k.a. baby belly), that Joshy Pooh just came out of my mouth and now every one calls him that.  Or Joshy for short.

Back to our visit in whine country.  There are no whine tastings, it's full on binge whining.  Although I would love a bucket for him to spit this whine into.  Mommy is not a big drinker, or I would have wine to go with his whine.  Would wine cure the whine?  He got a little wine at his bris. . . what's the harm?  Seriously though, it's as if nothing is going his way these days & he's pissed off at the world.  He's not even eating like the little professional foodie he once was.  He has all of his teeth, so I've ruled that out as the cause.  Dare I say it's just the "Terrible 2's"?  Ben had more of the Terrible 3's, but considering the Autism factor with him I feel like a 1st time parent in some ways with Josh.  I scare myself.  "Is he showing signs of Autism?  Or is this normal 2 year old behavior?"  Sadly after 4 years of motherhood, I still don't know what the hell I'm doing most of the time.  I'd like to end our trip to whine country, yet I don't have the first clue as to how to get out of the whineyard from hell.

So I self medicate with chocolate.  Chocolate goes very well with Josh's variety of whine.  He whines, and at the end of the day, Mommy rewards herself for not losing her cool by having some chocolate.  For more on the benefits of chocolate, see my previous post on Foods That Do Things For You.  With the latest in our tour of whine country, I've discovered that I'm a functioning chocoholic.  I limit my consumption, and do not consume during the day, only after dinner, and then I'm only allowed one serving.  Still not fabulous for my waistline, but I've got to get through the terrible 2's somehow!  Chasing & playing with the whiner & his brother in the 100 degree heat helps to keep the chocolate from showing up on my ass too much.

The whining driving me insane.  Okay, these two boys drove me insane a long time ago. . .  I'm trying to grin & bare it, and hope it passes quickly, before mom has a meltdown & takes off for a tour of the real wine country!


Andrea said...

I've got a terrible three on my hand. Not whining, screaming, hitting, throwing... utter nightmare! Thanks for stopping by earlier. Looking forward to reading more!

Lynn said...

A functioning chocoholic...love it. Me too! Thanks for the follows and vote over at Parents and including me in your blog roll...I voted for you for funniest and I'm following you now too!

Karen Dawkins said...

My second son, named Ben -- though Josh had been our first choice, his brother said, "Not Josh. His name will be Ben." It stuck -- how's that for ironic. Whew -- not good grammar....

MY BEN has an autism spectrum disorder. The screaming and whining and total lack of self-control were the early signs. Turns out, years later, that we now understand he had a VERY DIFFICULT time reading people. I LITERALLY "read" facial expressions and body language to him like an interpreter. Over time, he learned those expressions and is doing so much better.

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