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Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm a few steps closer to Mommy of the Year

This post is about real news stories of moms & dads making really poor parenting choices.  I can't believe the level of stupidity out there.  It's just unreal!  If you aren't going to take your job as a parent seriously (or at least not put your kid in danger) then don't freakin' have kids!  Job 1 as a parent is loving your kids, but a very close second is keeping your kids safe.  These people got a big fat F on that test.  Here are the stories:

While on our weekly trip to the beach, we witnessed this first hand:

Now look, I'm not a huge fan of motorcycles anyway, because I've heard too many awful stories, and seen too many people I know get seriously injured while driving one.  But this takes the cake.  News Flash:  Don't put you TODDLER on the back of your motorcycle. . . idiot.  Helmet or not, I feel that there is something really wrong with this picture.  It's like the perfect "You Know You're a Redneck If. . ." ending.  You know you're a redneck if you're sporting the stars & bars flag on the back of your bike. . . and you toddler.  Seriously, people. . . what do you think of this photo?  No, it's not a joke.  I took this photo with my iPhone at a gas station.  And yea, we don't go to the classiest beaches. . . obviously.

A few nights ago I was telling Joe about an atrocious thing I had seen in the "news".  I put news in quotes because it was posted on one of the mommy sites.
Joe's all, "Where did you hear this?"
Me, "On the Internet.  That's my primary source of information.  If it's on the Internet, it must be true."
Doesn't he know by now that the Internet & Oprah channel are my primary news sources?  But these stories are for real (I did a little fact checking), and honestly, it was shocking.

A babysitter was charged with child endangerment for putting her charge in a stroller & right into the back of a pick up truck to go from A to B.  Yep. . . sick.  I wouldn't put my dog in the back of a pick up truck, much less one of my kids or anyone else's child, thankyouverymuch.  I also told him about hearing that some one's 10 year old sitter was charged with child abuse.  Who let's a freakin' 10 year old babysit?  So, while mommy of the child that was found hitching a ride in the back of a truck, courtesy of the nanny, was probably just as horrified by the news as the rest of us were, mommy who leaves her child with a 10 year old babysitter is definitely putting me one step closer to the coveted Mommy of the Year Award.

Joe proceeded to chime in with his own news stories of the day.  A woman in Florida was arrested for leaving her 5 year old in the car, in the rain, while she went into a local bar to knock back a few beers.  When another patron of the fine establishment came out & saw a small child in a car. . . outside a bar. . . alone. . . he began to question the 5 year old girl.  "Everything okay?"  "Where's your mommy?"  Her response, "Yes, I'm fine, Mommy said she was going to get me a candy bar."  Which also illustrates this bad mother's mistake #2:  Apparently not driving home the point about not talking to strangers.  Thank God she didn't teach that pretty standard lesson because in this instance the stranger was a decent human being & called the cops.

Oh, we've heard this tale a million times.  Bad Parent says, "I'm going to get you a candy bar." and it takes roughly 3 hours because Mom's belting 'em back at a bar, where coincidentally, they don't sell candy bars.  Bad Parent says, "I'm going out for a pack of smokes." & doesn't return for days.  I don't feel sorry for this woman who's sitting in jail, because that's exactly where she belongs.  I do feel sorry for this poor kid, who had the crap luck to draw the short straw the day they were handing out parents.

This next one is rich.  Joe tells me the story of a brilliant father who is drunk & can't drive.  So what does dear old Dad do?  He asks his 8 year old son to drive, of course.  From Mississippi to Dallas.  Oh my God, Dad, how much did you have to drink that you can't sober up on that drive?  When a "concerned motorist" in Louisiana calls the police about the small child driving down the interstate, the cops pull him over.  Guess his driving skills needed a little more work. . . or a few more YEARS.  Guess what the cops find?  Dad is passed out in the passenger seat & darling daughter is in the back seat.  REALLY?  What.  The.  Hell.

Last Bad Parent story of the day. . . Joe tells me a woman was arrested for a DWI around 1 am.  So she calls a friend to come get her.  What does she do next?  She has her friend drop her off at her car.  No kidding, really?  Seeing as how she's drunk & all, she gets pulled over at 3:30 in the morning for another DWI & guess what?!?!  Her 3 year old daughter is in the back seat.  Brilliant idea, moron.

So, I'm probably not going to win Mommy of the Year, but at least I can take comfort in the fact that I'm not this awful.  I usually don't judge other parents because parenting is very hard, and God knows I'm still working on it, but these people had it coming.  Though Joe & I laughed at some of this at first, we quickly felt terribly sorry for these children.  Honestly.  We wondered what would happen to these kids.  Going back to mom & dad isn't exactly ideal, if this is the way they "parent".  But neither is putting them into Child Protective Services.  What's your take on this?  Should these kids go back to their parents?


Rebecca Thibodeaux said...

I say Child Protective Services and pray their parents relinquish rights so they can be adopted into a loving home and the cycle stops!

Kathy said...

I hate stories like this, I really do!! It makes me furious!! I think it is sad that people don't know how to take care of the children they have. Children are such a gift, and what is sadder is that these children will not know better so have a good chance of repeating the pattern! We were at the beach the other day and a toddler was lost. We helped her and brought her to the life guard, they were wonderful and started to bring her back to the office when my husband noticed a woman running. I felt for the mother, it takes two seconds for a toddler or even an older child to run off and get lost. It wasnt' till my husband pointed out that the mother went back to her blanket and went back to sleep that I got mad at her. We were at a beach!! With water!! And a ton of people!! I will say she did leave the toddler with someone, a 5-6 year old!! I was going nuts but my husband put it in prespective for me. He said of the 40 or so families on the beach there was only one "knuckle head"! And, he was right. Everyone else was around there chidren, playing with them and having a great time. I'm going to pray for the knuckleheads and their children and focus on the majority of us who love and adore our children and would do nothing to put them in harms way!!! Thanks for the post!!!

Julie said...

Hi new follower from Voiceboks.

So many horrible stories. My friend works for the local PD and told me that last week three children under three were found home alone. So sad!

Julie from Just Jules

Manda-Nicole said...

That is crazy! I'd heard about the babysitter and the stroller one before this but the others are just mindblowing!

I love my daughter with my life. I'll drink every now and then. My version of drinking isn't the promise of a candy bar if she waits in the car silently though! it's 1/4 of a shot of malibu in a large glass of tea! lol

It's the parents like you describe above that contribute to people wanting a law passed that requires a test before anyone's allowed to become a parent. I can't say I agree with that sort of law but I can understand why some people want it!!

Anna said...

Hey Amy! Thanks for all your comments over on my blog. Just saw them all today and responded to your most recent. It gives me great hope for Spencer when I hear how other Shone's babies are doing :)

Kimberly said...

OMG...people are so stupid.

Jenny said...

When I hear stuff like this, I think of the idea people bat around about having a license to procreate. Now, I think we should keep our freedoms, so I don't see that as practical, but DANG! Get some sense, people!

I found you through the vB GFC hop

Full Cart Full Wallet

Keesha said...

Hi Amy-

Good God - these stories are so sad and horrible. It really makes me think that some people should be forcibly sterilized. It is amazing how most of us are worried about letting our child have processed food or watch an hour of TV when folks are doing things like this. I feel so profoundly sorry for these poor children who had absolutely no choice in the matter and now are likely to go into the foster care system when their parents are brought up on charges. d

Spilled Milkshake said...

Ahh..the stupidity of some people. It never ceases to amaze me that people like this are given children.

Awesome post! It's always good to shake my head over people's stupidity.