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Monday, August 8, 2011

Boys at the beach August 7

Just a couple of photos from the beach yesterday.  The water looks a little muddy in the pictures, but it wasn't that bad.  Pretty clear actually. . . Especially for the TX Eastern Coastline!  Gosh I love our boys!

Looking for shark's teeth with Daddy

Josh, Daddy & Ben in the background.  Loving their Spiderman life jackets

Benjy on the surfboard

Josh toting Mommy's drink (thank goodness it was an empty!)

Playing in the sand with new toys from Kenney & Valerie

Ben swimming

Josh napping

Ben out of the water for a few minutes. . .


SortaSuperMom said...

Looks like you guys had a great day! thanks for checking out my blog- I'm following you now!
~SortaSupermom from Voiceboks

Grandma Bonnie said...

Stopping by from VB. I just love the photos. They are going to make some very precious memories. Now following.

Dangzter Online said...

Wow, one of those lovely memories you're going to store in your hearts as parents. The kiddos sure had a great time! And the beach is such a perfect place to spend quality time with the family. I like the photos of your kids, they're adorable!

Visiting from voiceBoks here:
Dangzter Online

Kelly said...

Love your photography! Looks like a great day!

Found your blog through VoiceBoks and glad I came across!

Kathy said...

What great photos of what looks like a great day! I agree, days like that make it all worth while! So glad I found your blog on VoiceBoks! I look foward to following your journey with your three boys!!